This post should have been posted weeks ago but because I have no idea what, or how to use this blog thing (my first forays into blogging) it is now being posted. I think.

Hello, I’m Xavier, and I will be Kristin’s traveling companion/main squeeze/fellow backpacker/porter/all around go to guy, on this world trek. This is my first experience with a blog site. To be blunt about the whole process of our world trek, the excitement is building with just about the same level of anxiety. So much to do before we set off, and all the planning yet to do. Although both Kristin and I share the same attitude towards just how much planning we can do and also with how we will roll with the punches, and I do believe there will be punches to be dealt with. Exciting? Yes! I mean for myself, traveling in countries where either Kristin and I know the language is one thing, but when we’re in a country where we will need to depend on the kindness of strangers, language wise, well that will be somewhat interesting. Hey! What the heck! It’s an adventure of a lifetime. And that my friends, is what it is all about.