(Posted by Kristin)

Ok, there really are a lot of sheep in New Zealand. I mean everywhere. By official estimates they number around 50 million. While they are a little skittish, they are still posers, so I now have a lot of sheep pictures (they are seriously cute). These sheep must be all kinds of happy; they roam free munching on grass on the hillsides all day long, looking out on beautiful New Zealand scenery. I’m pretty sure I am wrong, but other than a few times per year when things get intense, I am guessing it is pretty easy going being a sheep farmer, since the sheep pretty much just feed themselves all day long. Although after today’s hike up Roy’s Peak in Wanaka where we were literally climbing up the mountain dodging sheep (and sheep souvenirs), I have no idea how those sheep farmers round them up when they need them. That was a serious hike! And I didn’t even make it to the top.